Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Priya Krishnan: Short Skirt Painful Jab !!!!

Priya Krishnan is an 20-year-old slim, fair and beautiful aspiring model and actress.  She walked in with a complaint of pain in her right leg after a nail pricked her foot when she was in Goa with her friends for a monsoon bash.  According to her, it was a prickly iron wire which pierced her right foot at the ankle.  She ignored the injury but when she got back to Delhi on Tuesday, the pain got worse and she came in with this complaint.

Priya is a beautiful, slim, fair, 20-year-old with glamorous looks.  She always wears tight jeans or short skirts which suit her petite body a lot.  Her hips are well curved and her shapely thighs complement her buttocks.  Her skirts are usually tight. Priya is a confident girl with good amount of intelligence which shows as she is also pursuing her BBA from a renowned college.
As she walked in with the pain, she had to limp in as the pain had gotten severe.  She was wearing a tight short white skirt and a white top.  She looked as glamorous as a model.  She was escorted by her sister, Ashlesha who is elder to her and is equally gorgeous.

I had a looked at her right foot and dressed the injury appropriately.  Priya was alone in the examination room and Ashlesha sat outside in the waiting area of the clinic.

Priya showed some discomfort while cleansing of the wound and application of antiseptic.  I applied a bandage and completed the dressing.  She was sitting on a stool during this procedure.

Priya was somewhat sure what was next and I felt that she was even prepared for it.

I told Priya that she will have to take Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination for her injury.  She readily agreed as she thought it would be important and she did not want to aggravate her condition.  

She readily agreed and said " Jaisa aap theek samjho " [Whatever you feel is right]

I told her that it would be a IM injection and should be administered in her buttock.

Priya was slightly reluctant but soon gave up as she wanted to get over it.

I told her to lie down on her stomach and lift her skirt, then lower her panties.

She did as I said but as soon as I started preparing the injection, she said

"jyada jor se mat lagana please" [Please do it slowly]

Me: Dont worry dear.

Priya: I hate injections !

Me: Dont worry it will be over in a second.

As I completed preparing the injection I moved towards her lying on the table.

Priya: Please, dheere karna, darr lag raha hai [Please do it slow, I am getting scared]

Me: Relax

I removed her Red colored panty a little bit more.  Her short skirt was lifted upwards and gave a clear view of her curved buttocks.  I took the swab and cleansed her left buttock.

Priya tightened it a little bit.

Me: Let it loose or it will break the needle.

She did as I told her to do.

I then placed the needle at 90 degree angle to her buttock and darted it.

Priya: AAAAhhhhhhhh mama !!!!

Me: Dont shake...

I started injecting the medicine.

Priya: Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh it hurts, it really hurts.

I completed the injection and took out the needle at once.  A small droplet of blood oozed out from her buttock and she gave a slight jerk when the needle came out.

Me: Its done.  I cleansed the area again with a swab and applied a small bandage.

She slowly lifted her panty up with caution, adjusted her short skirt, and slowed climbed down the table.  She put her left hand on her left buttock and started to press it a little bit. Her face had almost turned red due to the pain during injection. Then she left the clinic again with her sister. Her sister escorted her out of the clinic.