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Just type in the name with quotes in the beginning i.e. "indian girls buttock injection stories to search IGBIS on Google. The blog link will be presented on the first page of Google.

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  1. I am sharing story of my own. I am a great fetish to give buttock injections to women. but never had a chance to do so. but after marriage i have someone to do this. But i hesitate to told her that i am injection fetish. So i told her that have practiced at some clinic and have knowledge about medicine. few days after marriage my wife was feeling some uneasy due to tiredness. She told me about that and i ask her to have some medicine. I knew it was all because of she worked a lot after many days and will be ok after having sleep. But i got my chance and didn't want to lose it at all. I went to medical store and take a vitamin b12 injection and a distilled water injection and two syringes. She was in our bedroom and was lying on the bed. as i entered She asked "davai le aaye." I told her ya "tumhe kaafi thakaan hai aur dard bhi ho raha hai. tumhe injection laga deta hoon phir aaram se so jaana." she was shock injection goli kyon nahi laye. i said injection se jaldi aaram ho jayega. She said no to injection. I tried to pursue her to take injection and she agreed at last. I started preparing the injection. First i took 2ml syringe and fill half of the b12 injection solution and 1ml of distilled water in it. meanwhile my wife was preparing her hand for the injection. she was wearing a yellow type saree with red blouse. I told her "pet ke bal let jaao." she replied "nahi haath par hi laga do." I told "nahi haath par nahi davaai thodi jalan karegi haath par kai dino tak dard rahega aur ab bhi bahut dard hoga. KULHE par lagwana padega." She agreed and laid down on the bed with her belly downside. then she slightly put down her saree a little bit. even after pushing down its was all her waist being watched over saree. I said "tum bas aankhen band karke leti raho main apne aap kulhe par laga dunga." she do the same. I prepared both the injections 2nd with remaining 1ml of b12 and 2ml of distilled water. I went near to her and put her saree upside. She said "kya kar rahe ho." i said chupchaap leti raho injection kulhe par lagega kamar par nahi. and then i started putting her saaree upside. she was wearing a similar type of petikot and a black colored panty which was covering almost 90% of her ass. Then i slightly put down her panty to her knees. She was also getting aroused now. then i took the cotton with dettol and swab right in the middle of her left buttock. then i said "hilna mat injection thoda dard karega (because of distilled water) warna kulhe me bahut dard hoga." she replied ok in scaring voice. then i push the injection needle in her buttock and she " aaaaaaa aaaiiiii mummy.... dard ho raha hai jaannnn..... aaaaa.... bas nikaal loooooooooo." i said "bas lag gaya, kulhe ko hilao mat." and she was just crying now..... "aaaaaaaaaa ab nikaal lo mujhe nahi lagwanaaaaaaaa..." i finished the medication and then put out the needle from her buttock. She weep for sometime and then started putting her panty upside. I said "ruko abhi ek injection aur lagega dusare kulle par." And she totally refused to take another shot. She said "main beemar hi theek hoon par ab injection nahi lagwaaungi tumne mera kulla bilkul sunn kar diya hai bahut dard ho raha hai abhi bhi." I then told her about my fetishism and asked her to enjoy with me. She said theek hai par injection me bahut dard hota hai. I told dard hota hai isiliye to majaa aayega. Tum dard ko mehsoos karo ki tumhe main injection lagau aur tumhe dard ho aur tum sexy type feel ho. Phir tum khud chahogi ki main tumhe injection lagau aur kaafi dard ho tum enjoy karogi. Then i motivate about taking painful injection. and i was successful. then she said abhi mat lagao hum baad me acchhi terah se baat karenge aur phir dono ek doosre ko injection lagayenge. but i got what i was always wanted to have. My injection partner. and then our injection story started which i will tell you next........