Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Priya Krishnan: Short Skirt Painful Jab !!!!

Priya Krishnan is an 20-year-old slim, fair and beautiful aspiring model and actress.  She walked in with a complaint of pain in her right leg after a nail pricked her foot when she was in Goa with her friends for a monsoon bash.  According to her, it was a prickly iron wire which pierced her right foot at the ankle.  She ignored the injury but when she got back to Delhi on Tuesday, the pain got worse and she came in with this complaint.

Priya is a beautiful, slim, fair, 20-year-old with glamorous looks.  She always wears tight jeans or short skirts which suit her petite body a lot.  Her hips are well curved and her shapely thighs complement her buttocks.  Her skirts are usually tight. Priya is a confident girl with good amount of intelligence which shows as she is also pursuing her BBA from a renowned college.
As she walked in with the pain, she had to limp in as the pain had gotten severe.  She was wearing a tight short white skirt and a white top.  She looked as glamorous as a model.  She was escorted by her sister, Ashlesha who is elder to her and is equally gorgeous.

I had a looked at her right foot and dressed the injury appropriately.  Priya was alone in the examination room and Ashlesha sat outside in the waiting area of the clinic.

Priya showed some discomfort while cleansing of the wound and application of antiseptic.  I applied a bandage and completed the dressing.  She was sitting on a stool during this procedure.

Priya was somewhat sure what was next and I felt that she was even prepared for it.

I told Priya that she will have to take Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination for her injury.  She readily agreed as she thought it would be important and she did not want to aggravate her condition.  

She readily agreed and said " Jaisa aap theek samjho " [Whatever you feel is right]

I told her that it would be a IM injection and should be administered in her buttock.

Priya was slightly reluctant but soon gave up as she wanted to get over it.

I told her to lie down on her stomach and lift her skirt, then lower her panties.

She did as I said but as soon as I started preparing the injection, she said

"jyada jor se mat lagana please" [Please do it slowly]

Me: Dont worry dear.

Priya: I hate injections !

Me: Dont worry it will be over in a second.

As I completed preparing the injection I moved towards her lying on the table.

Priya: Please, dheere karna, darr lag raha hai [Please do it slow, I am getting scared]

Me: Relax

I removed her Red colored panty a little bit more.  Her short skirt was lifted upwards and gave a clear view of her curved buttocks.  I took the swab and cleansed her left buttock.

Priya tightened it a little bit.

Me: Let it loose or it will break the needle.

She did as I told her to do.

I then placed the needle at 90 degree angle to her buttock and darted it.

Priya: AAAAhhhhhhhh mama !!!!

Me: Dont shake...

I started injecting the medicine.

Priya: Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh it hurts, it really hurts.

I completed the injection and took out the needle at once.  A small droplet of blood oozed out from her buttock and she gave a slight jerk when the needle came out.

Me: Its done.  I cleansed the area again with a swab and applied a small bandage.

She slowly lifted her panty up with caution, adjusted her short skirt, and slowed climbed down the table.  She put her left hand on her left buttock and started to press it a little bit. Her face had almost turned red due to the pain during injection. Then she left the clinic again with her sister. Her sister escorted her out of the clinic.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Confessions of Beautiful Women about Buttock Injections !!

I don’t know whether such a talk has been ever published ever on any other website or blog, but I deem it necessary to share it with all my faithful readers.  It might look a bit out of the box talk but this is sheer reality that I am subjected to many a times. At times I pick out such discussions with my patients and many a times they are the ones to start it.

These talks are literally Girl Talks but I being a doctor and that too a bit friendly with my patients, I think some women folk like to take out such topics for discussion with me after they get injected in the buttocks.

It is my observation that almost 99% of beautiful women / girls hate injections and would try to avoid them at any cost.  The reason for this is NOT the pain but a feeling that they are compromising their modesty at the hands of a person, i.e. a doctor and allowing him/her to touch or feel a part of the their body i.e. buttock.

In my case, this avoidance is seen most in first-time patients, but after a few visits / consultations they tend to get flexible and are ready to get the jab on the buttock.
Another class of female patients i.e. the remaining 1% are the ones who are open to injections and would also get slightly excited when a injection is indicated.

I could not control my curiosity and wanted to get a deep insight into what goes on in the minds of such female patients and hence, after gaining their confidence started investigating some of my very old and beautiful patients who were always looking forward for the jab !!

The realities or the thought process that I encountered were surprising even to me !!

Many of my patients loved injections because of the instantaneous pain that they offered, and they literally loved them on their buttocks because lying down with their buttocks exposed made them feel cozy and at the same time created a sense of suspense regarding the pain that the injection would give.

Others loved the prick and the burning sensation of the medicine when it goes inside their buttock and mostly they love the wait or longing for the jab.

But the most surprising was one very elite beautiful woman who literally compared the feeling of lying down and receiving the jab on her beautiful buttock to the orgasm that she would reach while having intercourse.

Isn’t it surprising that many of my female friends draw out such conclusions from the jabs on their buttocks !!!!

Will keep on posting such reality talks in the future also….

Also will post my latest injection experience soon..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sneha Singhal – Painful buttock injection to a beautiful Air-hostess

Sneha Singhal is a beautiful 25-year-old petite airhostess working for an international airline.  She is really fair and beautiful with a rather good complexion and a cute face.
Sneha has a typical Delhiite accent when she talks in Hindi – though her English is rather cool and she is well-versed with French too.

Sneha walked into the clinic with symptoms of nausea after having a party nite at an elite hotel.  She said she came home around 2 AM in the morning and after that had 2 vomitings and started feeling nauseated. She attributed her symptoms to the vodka that she had at the party after being forced by her friends.  She was currently off and resting after returning from abroad after a long a flight.

She looked rather weak and not that fresh when I checked her.

Me: Kya hua madam ? [What happened madam – Jokingly ?]

Sneha: Pata nahi shayad party mein jyada le li [I dunno I guess I drank a lot in the party]

Me: Symptoms aaj subah kaise the? [how were the symptoms in the morning?]

Sneha: Was having a lot of nausea, didn’t feel like eating or drinking anything !
I made her lie down and palpated her stomach.

Me: I cannot prescribe you pills coz you will vomit them..

Sneha looked rather surprised as to what was in store.

Sneha: toh phir kya doge ? [so what will you give?]

Me: You will have to take an injection!

Sneha was surprised to hell to listen to this word!!

Sneha : Arre yaar sui-vui mat do, bahut darr lagta hai sui se..

Me: Dont worry dear its just an injection !

Sneha: I know but after all its going to hurt.

Me: Dont worry lie down there on the table, it wont be painful I promise u.

Sneha: Kya bum pe doge kya ? [What, you are going to give it on the bum?]

Me: Of course, it is a IM injection, Stemetil shots are given on buttocks !!

Sneha: Lo yaar galti kar di tumhare paas aake, ab tui pe sui lagana padhega [I did a mistake by coming to you, will have to take a injection on the bum now !]

Me: Smiling on her comment which was a bit arrogant and innocent.

Sneha was wearing black three fourths which were caressing her shapely thighs and buttocks.

I started preparing the injection while she lay down on her back on the examination table, then lifted herself up a bit and lowered her three-fourths.  She then lay on her stomach with her panty covered tight buttocks.

She had lowered her pants to her knees, and hence her buttocks were fully exposed covered with an exotic black panty.

I prepared the shot and went to her.

She started pleading, please dheere lagana mujhe injection se bada darr lagta hai [Please do it slow, injections scare me to hell]

Me: Dont worry dear.

I lowered her panties to fully expose her supple and speckle-free buttocks.

As I applied spirit-soaked cotton on her right buttock, she suddenly gave a jerk.

Me: Dont move.

Sneha: Dr. dheere lagana [Dr. do it slow]

Me: Dont worry, I stared to distract her attention and hence asked her "What destinations do you fly to"

Sneha: A bit distracted - France and North America.

I suddenly darted the needle to her right buttock, as the needle pierced her buttock, she gave a sudden jerk.

Sneha: Aaaahhh Mamma !!!!

Me: Hold still, hold still

I started pushing the plunger hard and the medicine started entering her buttocks.

Sneha: Owwww !!!!!

Me: Sneha dont act like a child, this is just an injection.

Sneha: Dheere, Dheere [Slow, Slow]

I pushed the plunger to the limit and took out the needle.

The injection spot had a small droplet of blood ooze out.  I cleansed the spot with cotton and applied a small round bandage on the injection spot.

Sneha was distressed holding her forehead with her right palm.

Me: Its done dear.

Sneha: Slowly you just f*****d me hard, her voice a bit in pain.

She pulled her panties and pants up slowly, she left the clinic with a mild limp.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Noopur Sharma butt injection travails - Painful Iron shot in buttock

Noopur Sharma is a beautiful sexy 26-year-old girl who had arrived from Mumbai to New Delhi at her friends place to attend a wedding of a common friend.  Noopur while in Mumbai was diagnosed to be anemic and was currently on Iron shots. She had taken 4 shots while she was in Mumbai and had to continue her iron shot course without discontinuance in New Delhi also.  Hence, she was brought in by her friend Rashmi, who stays in the society.

I closely looked at the medical records of Noopur, as she had carried them from Mumbai.  I also looked the prescriptions and hence consulted her regarding her 5th injection.  She was quite aware of the procedure as she had already taken 4 shots back home.  There also she went to a lady doctor who was treating her.  Noopur was causally dressed with a white cotton Capri and a light colored t-shirt when she walked into the clinic.  She looked healthy but was marginally anemic due to her work hectic routine in a large advertising agency.  She had a bad dieting regime also to add to her anemia.

Noopur is a totally fair woman with a flawless skin and it seemed like she took real good care of her body.

As I prepared the shot, I told Rashmi, her friend to leave her friend alone for the injection.  Rashmi moved out of the room out into the seating area of the clinic.

I asked Noopur about her previous injection experiences, she said that the iron shots were really painful and almost made her tears come out, but she also added that after the travail of getting 4 in the butt, she was fully prepared for the rest.

She also told me that her doctor back home is quite an elderly strict lady who likes to give a painful jab in the buttock, as she enjoys giving pain to her patients she added with humor.

Me: Why do you think so?

Noopur: Pehla wala injection toh usne itni zor se lagaya ki main jor ke chillayi [The first shot that she gave was so painful that I shouted like anything] and was embarrassed to see other patients staring at me when I left her clinic, and I could see a smile on the doctor’s face as I held down my buttock with my hand.

Me: some doctors do love making injections painful with girls.

Noopur: You bet !

Me: Ok put your Capri down and lie on your stomach for me.

Noopur loosened her Capri and slid it down to reveal a butterfly while colored panty, which was even more sexier.

Noopur seemed calm and composed for the injection, I guess she was quite sure, I wouldn’t make it that painful, but iron shots are painful !

She lay on the gurney with her capris slid downwards and her round buttocks covered with her sexy white panty.

She put both her hands back and slid the panty as well, to reveal both of her buttocks, she seemed quite experienced after her 4 shots.

I moved towards her.  Cleansed her left buttock.  She gave a jerk as I put the cold cotton swab on her buttock.  She started looking backwards towards her buttock.

Me: loosen it up a bit.

Noopur: thoda dheere se lagana [do it a bit slow]

Me: Don’t worry, just dont look back.

She quickly turned her head forward, as to avoid the sight of the injection hitting her buttock.

As I cleansed her buttock in round strokes of cotton swab, I quickly jabbed the needle deep in her butt.

Noopur: Aaah Mamma !!

Me: Just stay put, I am injecting now, and this could be a bit uncomfortable.

I started hitting the plunger to inject the medicine in her buttock.

Noopur: Aaah, aaah, make it slow doctor.

Me: Ho gaya [its almost done]

She started shaking her legs in order to compensate for her pain.

Me: Don’t shake your legs, the needle could break.

Noopur: Do it fast !!

As I pulled out the needle after injecting the last cc of the medicine in her buttock, she sighed a bit.

I cleansed the area and applied a small bandaid as the injection site oozed out a droplet of blood.

Noopur lay there for a while, then pulled her panties and capris up slowly.  The pain of the injection was clearly visible on her beautiful face while she was dressing up.

She left the clinic with Rashmi, slowly limping away after thanking me in pain.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trisha Zaveri painful twin buttock shot in a tight chudidar kameez

Trisha Zaveri is a very petite and fair 25-year-old female, who just got married and went to US with her husband who is a software engineer.  They came back just last week from the US.  Their flight, she recalls, was long from Chicago to New Delhi.  She has not been keeping well since she is back from US.  Trisha was settled in Pune before she moved to New Delhi last year.  She came into the clinic with mild temperature and strep throat.  She also had signs of lethargy due to long travel and climate change.  She was a bit unresponsive.  She came to the clinic with her good friend Sakshi, who also got married from Pune to New Delhi.
Sakshi escorted Trisha to my clinic.  I had a brief history of her illness and then prescribed her two injections.  I asked Sakshi to the two injections from the nearby pharmacy.  When Sakshi went out with the prescription, Trisha enquired as she was a bit reluctant about getting the injections. Trisha wore a Pink colored Chuididar Kameez. The kameez was sleeveless.

Trisha: Why are you giving injections, why don’t you give me some tonic or pills?

Me: Dear, you need these for quick recovery.

Trisha: will they be painful?

Me:  Not really, I will make them as painless as possible.

In the meanwhile Sakshi came back from the pharmacy with the vials of the prescribed injections.

I told Trisha to get ready for the injections.

Trisha:  Are you going to give me 2 shots?

Me: Yes, you have a infection for which you have to take one and another is just a vitamin booster.

Trisha: Doctor, I don’t want injections, they are really painful. [She started to plead] and you are giving me two!!

Me: Don’t worry dear, I assure you a painless procedure.

Sakshi intervened, kya bacchon ki tarah kar rahi hai, get ready for the shots [why are you behaving like a child, get ready for the shots]

Trisha [a bit calm now]: what do you mean by get ready for the injections? She asked me.

Me: Dear these are IM shots they will be given on your buttocks.

Trisha: [surprised] What !! I need to take them on my butts??

Me: Yes and its not a big deal dear.

Sakshi: Chal come with me.

Sakshi escorted her to the examination table. Trisha was a bit reluctant, but Sakshi managed her with ease, it was a piece of cake for her.

Sakshi lifted Trisha’s kurta, loosened her chudidar, slid it down. Trisha was a bit reluctant but was unable to gauge the situation.

Trisha then slowly climbed the examination table and lay on her stomach.  Sakshi lifted her kameez and then removed her chudidar to her knees. Trisha was wearing a purple colored panty, she was really fair.  Trisha reacted….

Trisha: what are you doing, I am getting naked.

Sakshi: Doesn’t matter dear she is a lady doc and Sakshi smiled mischievously.

In the meanwhile, I prepared the two shots and kept them in the tray and moved towards Trisha.
Trisha was really scared.

Trisha: Please do it slow doctor, please do it slow, I dunno how I am going to bear two injections.

Sakshi stepped aside as I kept the tray on the side of the table and took out the cotton swab. Then I slowly slid Trisha’s panty to reveal her buttocks which were really fair and supple.  Her left buttock had a small injection mark from her childhood.  Trisha tightened her buttocks, I told her to loosen them, which she did with a lot of nerve.

As I cleansed her left buttock with cotton swab, she held onto herself, her buttocks were really supple and free of any marks other than the injection mark.

I then quickly jabbed the needle into her buttock, Trisha twitched so hard that I thought that the needle has broken. I was also scared.

Trisha: Owwww !!

Me: Dear don’t shake too much

Even Sakshi was terrified.

Sakshi: Kya kar rahi hai sui toot jayegi [what are you doing, you will break the needle]

Trisha: Doctor please do it slow and quick [she was literally crying in pain]

I injected the medicine and pushed the plunger hard.

Trisha: Owwww, it hurts, quick quick !!!

I quickly injected the medicine and pulled out the needle.

Trisha: Ouch!! It hurt really bad… Owwww.

Sakshi: Trisha stop being like a child, ho gaya hai [its done]

Trisha was really in tears trying to look back at her left buttock.  She really was in a lot of anxiety over fear of the injection, but there was one more to go!

As I cleansed the left buttock with cotton swab and picked up the new swab and another needle, Trisha lay down waiting for another blow.  This time she acted a bit calm and composed.

Sakshi held her hand kept on talking to her, cajoling her and making her more comfortable.

I in the meantime, cleansed her right buttock, the cold swab made Trisha to twitch a little bit in anticipation of another jab that was coming her way.

I again darted the needle into her right buttock.  She shook again, Sakshi held her tight.

Trisha: Doctor please do it quick it hurts  !!

I again pushed the plunger and injected the medicine as quickly as possible and took out the needle, to which she reacted with a sudden jerk.  I cleansed the needle spot with cotton swab.

Sakshi then slowly pulled her panty back and then her chudidar.

Trisha was really in agony.

She helped herself to get dressed and slowly climbed down the examination table.  She then left the clinic with significant limp in her walk, she was escorted by Sakshi who thanked me and even gave me a mischievous smile at the time of leaving the clinic!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Richa Malhotra – Painful Tetanus shot in tight leggings and kurti

Richa is a very beautiful 24-year-old brilliant girl who has just recently passed out a premier management institute and got placed in a top MNC as Human Resources Manager.

She went camping with some her friends outside Delhi and stepped on the barb wire piece in the camping area.  This wire speck pierced her right ankle from the side of her coolers sandal.  

She told that it was an old and a rusted piece of barb wire.

She knew for sure that she would have to take an injection for the wound and was a bit prepared for it.  I cleansed the wound on her ankle and dressed it with a bandage.  After that, she looked at me in anticipation of what next…..

I told her that she would have to take an injection and that this injection would go in her bottom.  She did not anticipate that the shot would go in her bottom. 

Richa is a very beautiful girl and has a very good complexion and good maintained body.  She is quite fond of trekking and was an active athlete while in her school and college, due to which her body is quite toned particularly the thighs.  

She is around 5 feet 5 inches in height.

She asked “bum pe lena padhega kya” [Do I have to take it on my bum]

Me: Yes

Richa: Maine kabhi bhi injection bum pe nahi liya hai [I have never taken an injection on my butt]

Me: [Assuring her] Don’t worry dear, you are in trusted hands.

Richa: I know that doctor, but will it hurt.

Me:  A bit yes, it’s a Tetanus shot, but I would make it as painless as possible.

Richa was a bit assured but was fearful of the injection anyways.

Richa: Ok, kya karoon main [Ok, what should I do]

Me:  Remove your leggings and lie down on the table with you back facing the ceiling.

Richa slowly moved towards the examination table, held her up maroon colored kurti from behind with both her hands, slid her hands into the elastic of her leggings and slid her white colored leggings to her knees, to reveal her beautifully toned thighs and her red colored panty and luscious buttocks.

She fully cooperated and lied on the table with her buttocks facing the ceiling.  She looked at me as I prepared the syringe, filling it with the medicine.
She looked at the needle in fear.

Richa:  Sui bahut badi hai [The needle is really long]

Me: Dear, don’t worry it would be done in 5 seconds.

Richa:  Do it slow doctor, the needle looks really huge.

I gave a smile to her, as I moved towards her with the prepared syringe.

Me:  Look at that side, dear.

Richa complied and turned her head to the opposite side.

I lifted her kurti to reveal her red panty which again revealed the beautiful sight of her fair buttocks covered with bright red panty.

I slid the panty to reveal a large part of her left buttock.
She was becoming really anxious.

I cleansed the right buttock in circular strokes with cotton swab.

Richa:  Madam, dheere lagana, dheere [Madam, do it slow, slow]

As I cleansed the part of her buttoc, Richa tightened her buttock muscle.
I was about to jab the needle in her butt  when I stopped myself.

Me: Richa, let the butt loose.

Richa let the muscle loose,  Without wasting a second, I darted the needle into her right buttock.

Richa: OOWWW……. She also gave a jerk to her buttocks which shook her beautiful buttocks.

Now, I started to hit the plunger and put the medicine in, she cried in pain as I did that.

Richa: Shit, it hurts, it hurts….. Madam go slow…

Me: Dear its almost done.

I quickly injected the whole medicine and took the needle out swiftly.

She again gave a jerk to her buttock when the needle came out.

She was literally in tears when I was done.

I told her to get up slowly from the table.

She got down the table, lifted her panty slowly, and then her leggings.  She adjusted her kurti and kept her left hand on the site of her injection and left the clinic with significant limp in her gait….

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jessica Shroff – Painful injection on Buttock Tattoo

Jessica is a 37-year-old unmarried business woman, belonging to the elite class.  She is quite open in her thoughts and deeds.  She even has a 23-year-old Spanish boyfriend and used to meet her evertime she went to Barcelona on her business trip.  She told me all such things because she is a good confidant of mine.

Jessica is quite sexy with a somewhat healthy body and she is the talk of the society driving some young guys crazy after her.  Last month, she was on a business tour to Pattaya and had a tattoo done on her right buttock.  She showed me the tattoo and told her that it pained a lot to have it done.

She walked into the clinic for her routine B12 shot which were prescribed by me.  She was wearing tight black hot pants and Red silk figure hugging shirt.

Jessica:  Hi dear, kaisi hai (hi dear, how are you?)

Me: Where were you madam?

Jessica:  Arre I had a rocking time again in Spain, Danilo was awesome this time.  He bought a new car and that too a sports model.  We sprung in the city as hell.  He is cool.

Me: U naughty woman, its time for the butt shot again dear, lie on the table (I indicated her to lie on the table)

Jessica: Yaar iss time thoda dheere se lagana baithna mushkil ho jaata ha, pichli baar bahut dard hua tha (dear, do it slow this time, its really hard to sit after it, last time was really bad)

Jessica unbuttoned her tight figure hugging hot pants and slowly slid it down to her knees.  As she did she revealed her red polka dotted panties.  Her right buttock tattoo was partially hid underneath her sexy panty.  She then climbed up the table and lay with her buttocks facing the ceiling.
I in the meantime, prepared the B12 injection.

I moved towards her, slid her silk shirt upwards, to reveal her full buttock and her panty which was hugging her speckle free buttocks, I slid her panty down, to reveal her tattoo fully. Jessica really takes care of her skin.  Her facial as well as body skin is impeccable complementing her fair complexion.  She indeed looks really sexy.

As I slid her panty downwards, she told me to make it slow.  I assured her.

I told her , "I ll prick on your tattoo, last time it was the left butt!”

Jessica:  Yeah, but don’t spoil it (jokingly)

Me:  Don’t worry dear, its just a small prick.

I cleansed the spot on her big dragon tattoo with spirit and darted the needle with a quick movement into her right buttock.

She jerked a bit


Me:  Easy dear

Jessica:  Aaah Lavanya dheere dheere (Lavanya slow, slow)

I slowly pushed the medicine inside her buttock muscle, it took around 15 seconds to go inside her buttock.

Jessica:  It hurts, aaaah ooohhhh, it hurts.

Me:  Its almost done dear.

As the last cc of medicine went inside, Jessica sighed with relief.

I pulled the needle outside, cleansed the injection spot on her bum tattoo and gave her a slight spank.

Me: U naughty girl.

Jessica:  It was really painful (she was really in pain, B12 shots are meant to be painful)
She got down the table, slid her panty and pants up again got dressed to perfection smiled at me, thanked and left the clinic.  She had a slight limp in her gait as she walked out of the clinic.