Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Richa Malhotra – Painful Tetanus shot in tight leggings and kurti

Richa is a very beautiful 24-year-old brilliant girl who has just recently passed out a premier management institute and got placed in a top MNC as Human Resources Manager.

She went camping with some her friends outside Delhi and stepped on the barb wire piece in the camping area.  This wire speck pierced her right ankle from the side of her coolers sandal.  

She told that it was an old and a rusted piece of barb wire.

She knew for sure that she would have to take an injection for the wound and was a bit prepared for it.  I cleansed the wound on her ankle and dressed it with a bandage.  After that, she looked at me in anticipation of what next…..

I told her that she would have to take an injection and that this injection would go in her bottom.  She did not anticipate that the shot would go in her bottom. 

Richa is a very beautiful girl and has a very good complexion and good maintained body.  She is quite fond of trekking and was an active athlete while in her school and college, due to which her body is quite toned particularly the thighs.  

She is around 5 feet 5 inches in height.

She asked “bum pe lena padhega kya” [Do I have to take it on my bum]

Me: Yes

Richa: Maine kabhi bhi injection bum pe nahi liya hai [I have never taken an injection on my butt]

Me: [Assuring her] Don’t worry dear, you are in trusted hands.

Richa: I know that doctor, but will it hurt.

Me:  A bit yes, it’s a Tetanus shot, but I would make it as painless as possible.

Richa was a bit assured but was fearful of the injection anyways.

Richa: Ok, kya karoon main [Ok, what should I do]

Me:  Remove your leggings and lie down on the table with you back facing the ceiling.

Richa slowly moved towards the examination table, held her up maroon colored kurti from behind with both her hands, slid her hands into the elastic of her leggings and slid her white colored leggings to her knees, to reveal her beautifully toned thighs and her red colored panty and luscious buttocks.

She fully cooperated and lied on the table with her buttocks facing the ceiling.  She looked at me as I prepared the syringe, filling it with the medicine.
She looked at the needle in fear.

Richa:  Sui bahut badi hai [The needle is really long]

Me: Dear, don’t worry it would be done in 5 seconds.

Richa:  Do it slow doctor, the needle looks really huge.

I gave a smile to her, as I moved towards her with the prepared syringe.

Me:  Look at that side, dear.

Richa complied and turned her head to the opposite side.

I lifted her kurti to reveal her red panty which again revealed the beautiful sight of her fair buttocks covered with bright red panty.

I slid the panty to reveal a large part of her left buttock.
She was becoming really anxious.

I cleansed the right buttock in circular strokes with cotton swab.

Richa:  Madam, dheere lagana, dheere [Madam, do it slow, slow]

As I cleansed the part of her buttoc, Richa tightened her buttock muscle.
I was about to jab the needle in her butt  when I stopped myself.

Me: Richa, let the butt loose.

Richa let the muscle loose,  Without wasting a second, I darted the needle into her right buttock.

Richa: OOWWW……. She also gave a jerk to her buttocks which shook her beautiful buttocks.

Now, I started to hit the plunger and put the medicine in, she cried in pain as I did that.

Richa: Shit, it hurts, it hurts….. Madam go slow…

Me: Dear its almost done.

I quickly injected the whole medicine and took the needle out swiftly.

She again gave a jerk to her buttock when the needle came out.

She was literally in tears when I was done.

I told her to get up slowly from the table.

She got down the table, lifted her panty slowly, and then her leggings.  She adjusted her kurti and kept her left hand on the site of her injection and left the clinic with significant limp in her gait….