Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trisha Zaveri painful twin buttock shot in a tight chudidar kameez

Trisha Zaveri is a very petite and fair 25-year-old female, who just got married and went to US with her husband who is a software engineer.  They came back just last week from the US.  Their flight, she recalls, was long from Chicago to New Delhi.  She has not been keeping well since she is back from US.  Trisha was settled in Pune before she moved to New Delhi last year.  She came into the clinic with mild temperature and strep throat.  She also had signs of lethargy due to long travel and climate change.  She was a bit unresponsive.  She came to the clinic with her good friend Sakshi, who also got married from Pune to New Delhi.
Sakshi escorted Trisha to my clinic.  I had a brief history of her illness and then prescribed her two injections.  I asked Sakshi to the two injections from the nearby pharmacy.  When Sakshi went out with the prescription, Trisha enquired as she was a bit reluctant about getting the injections. Trisha wore a Pink colored Chuididar Kameez. The kameez was sleeveless.

Trisha: Why are you giving injections, why don’t you give me some tonic or pills?

Me: Dear, you need these for quick recovery.

Trisha: will they be painful?

Me:  Not really, I will make them as painless as possible.

In the meanwhile Sakshi came back from the pharmacy with the vials of the prescribed injections.

I told Trisha to get ready for the injections.

Trisha:  Are you going to give me 2 shots?

Me: Yes, you have a infection for which you have to take one and another is just a vitamin booster.

Trisha: Doctor, I don’t want injections, they are really painful. [She started to plead] and you are giving me two!!

Me: Don’t worry dear, I assure you a painless procedure.

Sakshi intervened, kya bacchon ki tarah kar rahi hai, get ready for the shots [why are you behaving like a child, get ready for the shots]

Trisha [a bit calm now]: what do you mean by get ready for the injections? She asked me.

Me: Dear these are IM shots they will be given on your buttocks.

Trisha: [surprised] What !! I need to take them on my butts??

Me: Yes and its not a big deal dear.

Sakshi: Chal come with me.

Sakshi escorted her to the examination table. Trisha was a bit reluctant, but Sakshi managed her with ease, it was a piece of cake for her.

Sakshi lifted Trisha’s kurta, loosened her chudidar, slid it down. Trisha was a bit reluctant but was unable to gauge the situation.

Trisha then slowly climbed the examination table and lay on her stomach.  Sakshi lifted her kameez and then removed her chudidar to her knees. Trisha was wearing a purple colored panty, she was really fair.  Trisha reacted….

Trisha: what are you doing, I am getting naked.

Sakshi: Doesn’t matter dear she is a lady doc and Sakshi smiled mischievously.

In the meanwhile, I prepared the two shots and kept them in the tray and moved towards Trisha.
Trisha was really scared.

Trisha: Please do it slow doctor, please do it slow, I dunno how I am going to bear two injections.

Sakshi stepped aside as I kept the tray on the side of the table and took out the cotton swab. Then I slowly slid Trisha’s panty to reveal her buttocks which were really fair and supple.  Her left buttock had a small injection mark from her childhood.  Trisha tightened her buttocks, I told her to loosen them, which she did with a lot of nerve.

As I cleansed her left buttock with cotton swab, she held onto herself, her buttocks were really supple and free of any marks other than the injection mark.

I then quickly jabbed the needle into her buttock, Trisha twitched so hard that I thought that the needle has broken. I was also scared.

Trisha: Owwww !!

Me: Dear don’t shake too much

Even Sakshi was terrified.

Sakshi: Kya kar rahi hai sui toot jayegi [what are you doing, you will break the needle]

Trisha: Doctor please do it slow and quick [she was literally crying in pain]

I injected the medicine and pushed the plunger hard.

Trisha: Owwww, it hurts, quick quick !!!

I quickly injected the medicine and pulled out the needle.

Trisha: Ouch!! It hurt really bad… Owwww.

Sakshi: Trisha stop being like a child, ho gaya hai [its done]

Trisha was really in tears trying to look back at her left buttock.  She really was in a lot of anxiety over fear of the injection, but there was one more to go!

As I cleansed the left buttock with cotton swab and picked up the new swab and another needle, Trisha lay down waiting for another blow.  This time she acted a bit calm and composed.

Sakshi held her hand kept on talking to her, cajoling her and making her more comfortable.

I in the meantime, cleansed her right buttock, the cold swab made Trisha to twitch a little bit in anticipation of another jab that was coming her way.

I again darted the needle into her right buttock.  She shook again, Sakshi held her tight.

Trisha: Doctor please do it quick it hurts  !!

I again pushed the plunger and injected the medicine as quickly as possible and took out the needle, to which she reacted with a sudden jerk.  I cleansed the needle spot with cotton swab.

Sakshi then slowly pulled her panty back and then her chudidar.

Trisha was really in agony.

She helped herself to get dressed and slowly climbed down the examination table.  She then left the clinic with significant limp in her walk, she was escorted by Sakshi who thanked me and even gave me a mischievous smile at the time of leaving the clinic!!