Sunday, September 5, 2010

Noopur Sharma butt injection travails - Painful Iron shot in buttock

Noopur Sharma is a beautiful sexy 26-year-old girl who had arrived from Mumbai to New Delhi at her friends place to attend a wedding of a common friend.  Noopur while in Mumbai was diagnosed to be anemic and was currently on Iron shots. She had taken 4 shots while she was in Mumbai and had to continue her iron shot course without discontinuance in New Delhi also.  Hence, she was brought in by her friend Rashmi, who stays in the society.

I closely looked at the medical records of Noopur, as she had carried them from Mumbai.  I also looked the prescriptions and hence consulted her regarding her 5th injection.  She was quite aware of the procedure as she had already taken 4 shots back home.  There also she went to a lady doctor who was treating her.  Noopur was causally dressed with a white cotton Capri and a light colored t-shirt when she walked into the clinic.  She looked healthy but was marginally anemic due to her work hectic routine in a large advertising agency.  She had a bad dieting regime also to add to her anemia.

Noopur is a totally fair woman with a flawless skin and it seemed like she took real good care of her body.

As I prepared the shot, I told Rashmi, her friend to leave her friend alone for the injection.  Rashmi moved out of the room out into the seating area of the clinic.

I asked Noopur about her previous injection experiences, she said that the iron shots were really painful and almost made her tears come out, but she also added that after the travail of getting 4 in the butt, she was fully prepared for the rest.

She also told me that her doctor back home is quite an elderly strict lady who likes to give a painful jab in the buttock, as she enjoys giving pain to her patients she added with humor.

Me: Why do you think so?

Noopur: Pehla wala injection toh usne itni zor se lagaya ki main jor ke chillayi [The first shot that she gave was so painful that I shouted like anything] and was embarrassed to see other patients staring at me when I left her clinic, and I could see a smile on the doctor’s face as I held down my buttock with my hand.

Me: some doctors do love making injections painful with girls.

Noopur: You bet !

Me: Ok put your Capri down and lie on your stomach for me.

Noopur loosened her Capri and slid it down to reveal a butterfly while colored panty, which was even more sexier.

Noopur seemed calm and composed for the injection, I guess she was quite sure, I wouldn’t make it that painful, but iron shots are painful !

She lay on the gurney with her capris slid downwards and her round buttocks covered with her sexy white panty.

She put both her hands back and slid the panty as well, to reveal both of her buttocks, she seemed quite experienced after her 4 shots.

I moved towards her.  Cleansed her left buttock.  She gave a jerk as I put the cold cotton swab on her buttock.  She started looking backwards towards her buttock.

Me: loosen it up a bit.

Noopur: thoda dheere se lagana [do it a bit slow]

Me: Don’t worry, just dont look back.

She quickly turned her head forward, as to avoid the sight of the injection hitting her buttock.

As I cleansed her buttock in round strokes of cotton swab, I quickly jabbed the needle deep in her butt.

Noopur: Aaah Mamma !!

Me: Just stay put, I am injecting now, and this could be a bit uncomfortable.

I started hitting the plunger to inject the medicine in her buttock.

Noopur: Aaah, aaah, make it slow doctor.

Me: Ho gaya [its almost done]

She started shaking her legs in order to compensate for her pain.

Me: Don’t shake your legs, the needle could break.

Noopur: Do it fast !!

As I pulled out the needle after injecting the last cc of the medicine in her buttock, she sighed a bit.

I cleansed the area and applied a small bandaid as the injection site oozed out a droplet of blood.

Noopur lay there for a while, then pulled her panties and capris up slowly.  The pain of the injection was clearly visible on her beautiful face while she was dressing up.

She left the clinic with Rashmi, slowly limping away after thanking me in pain.