Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sneha Singhal – Painful buttock injection to a beautiful Air-hostess

Sneha Singhal is a beautiful 25-year-old petite airhostess working for an international airline.  She is really fair and beautiful with a rather good complexion and a cute face.
Sneha has a typical Delhiite accent when she talks in Hindi – though her English is rather cool and she is well-versed with French too.

Sneha walked into the clinic with symptoms of nausea after having a party nite at an elite hotel.  She said she came home around 2 AM in the morning and after that had 2 vomitings and started feeling nauseated. She attributed her symptoms to the vodka that she had at the party after being forced by her friends.  She was currently off and resting after returning from abroad after a long a flight.

She looked rather weak and not that fresh when I checked her.

Me: Kya hua madam ? [What happened madam – Jokingly ?]

Sneha: Pata nahi shayad party mein jyada le li [I dunno I guess I drank a lot in the party]

Me: Symptoms aaj subah kaise the? [how were the symptoms in the morning?]

Sneha: Was having a lot of nausea, didn’t feel like eating or drinking anything !
I made her lie down and palpated her stomach.

Me: I cannot prescribe you pills coz you will vomit them..

Sneha looked rather surprised as to what was in store.

Sneha: toh phir kya doge ? [so what will you give?]

Me: You will have to take an injection!

Sneha was surprised to hell to listen to this word!!

Sneha : Arre yaar sui-vui mat do, bahut darr lagta hai sui se..

Me: Dont worry dear its just an injection !

Sneha: I know but after all its going to hurt.

Me: Dont worry lie down there on the table, it wont be painful I promise u.

Sneha: Kya bum pe doge kya ? [What, you are going to give it on the bum?]

Me: Of course, it is a IM injection, Stemetil shots are given on buttocks !!

Sneha: Lo yaar galti kar di tumhare paas aake, ab tui pe sui lagana padhega [I did a mistake by coming to you, will have to take a injection on the bum now !]

Me: Smiling on her comment which was a bit arrogant and innocent.

Sneha was wearing black three fourths which were caressing her shapely thighs and buttocks.

I started preparing the injection while she lay down on her back on the examination table, then lifted herself up a bit and lowered her three-fourths.  She then lay on her stomach with her panty covered tight buttocks.

She had lowered her pants to her knees, and hence her buttocks were fully exposed covered with an exotic black panty.

I prepared the shot and went to her.

She started pleading, please dheere lagana mujhe injection se bada darr lagta hai [Please do it slow, injections scare me to hell]

Me: Dont worry dear.

I lowered her panties to fully expose her supple and speckle-free buttocks.

As I applied spirit-soaked cotton on her right buttock, she suddenly gave a jerk.

Me: Dont move.

Sneha: Dr. dheere lagana [Dr. do it slow]

Me: Dont worry, I stared to distract her attention and hence asked her "What destinations do you fly to"

Sneha: A bit distracted - France and North America.

I suddenly darted the needle to her right buttock, as the needle pierced her buttock, she gave a sudden jerk.

Sneha: Aaaahhh Mamma !!!!

Me: Hold still, hold still

I started pushing the plunger hard and the medicine started entering her buttocks.

Sneha: Owwww !!!!!

Me: Sneha dont act like a child, this is just an injection.

Sneha: Dheere, Dheere [Slow, Slow]

I pushed the plunger to the limit and took out the needle.

The injection spot had a small droplet of blood ooze out.  I cleansed the spot with cotton and applied a small round bandage on the injection spot.

Sneha was distressed holding her forehead with her right palm.

Me: Its done dear.

Sneha: Slowly you just f*****d me hard, her voice a bit in pain.

She pulled her panties and pants up slowly, she left the clinic with a mild limp.